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Today’s basic activity of the establishment is social-care and accommodation, which means the realization of permanent care and support:

1. for children without parental care (children without both parents, when parents are unidentified, when the parental right is denied or when parents are prevented from executing their duties);

2. for children whose development is hindered by family circumstances (children whose parents cannot provide normal conditions for a harmonious upbringing, as well as physical and mental development).

The Children’s Village works in harmony with the official centres for social welfare, and its work is supervised by the Ministry for Health, Work and Social Welfare in the Herzegovinian – Neretvan area.

This establishment provides care, accommodation, upbringing, education and health protection.

It qualifies the children for independent life and work: whether providing conditions to return to their own families, involving them in life out of the establishment or other suitable alternatives.

The children are provided with suitable education for their desired profession in an adequate educational institution. They have individual help in studying, support and development of interests. They are stimulated to develop working routines, cultural and hygienic habits and to expand their knowledge.

The preschool age group is included in the activities of the Kindergarten, aiming at the socialization of this age group. The children stay in the institution until they come of age. Under special circumstances, they remain after their eighteenth birthday – if it is necessary to finish the high-school education that they have already started.

Accommodation is organised in family houses, ensuring a closer connection between the children and a feeling of family life. There are seven family houses and about fifty children are accommodated there. The maximum number of children in any house is eight and there are two educators in each house to look after their needs.

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