The community of the “Merciful Father” is an expression of God’s love towards the littlest ones. It was initially envisaged as a refuge house for those with psychological disturbances, but today it is centre belonging to the Franciscans in the province to help rehabilitate those suffering with different forms of drug abuse. Now there are about 60 young men divided among three houses (The Mother-house is in the “Mothers-Village” and was initiated in 1999. Another branch opened in Slovenija in 2006 - “Tau Sveta Obitelj” [Tau-Holy Family] and a third house opened in 2009 in Kiseljak, “Ivan Merz House”). This year, work was carried out on the main dining room, and extensions in the workshop. The chapel too is in the process of being renovated. The houses in Slovenia and Kiseljak are also being renovated, according to the means available, and are being adapted for community life. Besides the physical work involved in renovation, which is part of the rehabilitation process, the residents can also gain experience and education in gardening, livestock farming, sculpture, cooking skills and art production and expression. Besides work experience, life in the community is founded upon spiritual initiation and growth (prayer is in the first place) and this develops through community life and dialogue.

88266 Međugorje
Bosna i Hercegovina
Tel/Fax: +387-36-651-567
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