The “Mother Krispina” community was born out of Fr. Slavko’s particular predilection for openness to life, and the struggle to defend and respect human life. His motto, “to serve life” is alive and well in the house of  “Kay Centre” and is incarnate in their daily struggle to protect the unborn. This is done on a practical level by taking in young women in trouble, single mothers, expectant women, and women and children who are in danger or are exposed to violence. At the moment the house is completely full with about 15 mothers and about 20 children.
Entering the community, the women and children have access to professional help (Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Pedagogue etc.), work-therapy (house duties, creative work-the making of souvenirs in the art-workshop) and a prayer program (an introduction to prayer life, spiritual life and spiritual guidance). Experience in the house so far has shown that, despite the initial mistrust, the residents in this new atmosphere of support and mutual trust, usually slowly open up and change.

Tel. 036 651-631 /063 808 051
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