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Christmas festivities in the Mother's village
In this holly time of joyful expectation children from the Mother's village were preparing  play  called "White Christmas angel" supervised by sister Mirela and music teacher Zrinka. Christmas play, performed on Thursday, December 18, has delighted many visitors,  friends and benefactors  of  the Mother's village.

In the same period children  from the kindergarten "St. Little Theresa", guided by their teachers, performed various Christmas plays on a front of their enthusiastic parents and friends.
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Saint Nicolas and Christmas in Mothers Village
St. Nicolas’ feast was solemnly celebrated on December 5, 2008, in Mother’s Village, in the Kindergarten „Saint Therese”. Fr. Karlo Lovrić played Saint Nicolas, and the children were delighted. These days, children and educators are preparing for Christmas. Different groups will perform different plays. For the coming Christmas, children from Mother’s Village shall also perform a play for parents and benefactors.
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The eight anniversary of Fr. Slavko Barbarics death in Mothers Village
The eight anniversary of Fr. Slavko Barbaric’s death was commemorated on Monday, November 24, also in Mother’s Village, the institution he had founded in 1993.
Children living in Mother’s Village remember him in a special way. On Sunday, November 23 in  Saint Joseph’s Hall in Mother’s Village in front of numerous spectators, they gave a presentation called “Fr Slavko’s life”. They described Fr. Slavko’s life and his activities. The text for this performance was written by Fr. Ante Marić, and the director of the show was Sister Mirela Kurevija. After the performance, the spectators could also view the exhibition of paintings and different works of art produced by the children from Mother’s Village, the boys from community of the Merciful Father and women from the community of Mother Krispina.
Fr. Svetozar Kraljevic, director of Mother’s Village, thanked the visitors for their coming and underlined that we all need to continue to live in Fr. Slavko’s footsteps.
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Events in the kindergarten
In the Mother’s village on 1st October, kindergarten "St. Little Theresa celebrated the feast of their patron saint. Solemn Holly mass was celebrated by Fr Svetozar Kraljevic, along with children, teachers, parents and friends.

Tuesday, 21.October, Children from kindergarten "St. Little Theresa" celebrated "The day of Bread and Thanksgiving day." There was the relevant cultural program for children, teachers and visitors on the theme "THANK YOU, THANK YOU, GOOD LORD."
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Visit to Zagreb
On Sunday, June 15th the children from the Mother's Village choir and the choir leaders, Sister Mirela and Professor Zrinka, sang for the Holy Mass in the Franciscan Church of the Immaculate Conception in Dubravi. During their free time in Zagreb they visited Zoo in Maksimir, the Jelačića city square, the famous Kamenita vrata, the Old Town of Zagreb, the Church of St. Marko and other famous places of Zagreb. On the way back they visited the Plitvice, one of the most beautiful natural lakes in Croatia. The children said that it was a wonderful trip, that they will remember forever. 
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European Football Championship 2008.
The euphoria about the 2008 European Football Championship overwhelmed Croatian fans in the Mother's village. For complete atmosphere we thank to the Croatian Minister Petar Cobankovic and Croatian Consul gerant in Mostar Marijana Mikulic, who cheer up our children with with donation of Croatian National football team dresses.
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