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Hose Reels & Watermelon Traits

Hose Reels & Watermelon Traits

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Hose reels are to watermelons as sunshine to a daisy. If your want prize watermelons, buy them a cool hose holder. Watermelons are very fashion conscious vegetables. Noting makes them sweeter than a sexy motor driven hose reel – with a chauffer. It’s not like watermelons just sit around all day with nothing to do. A recent survey showed watermelons prefer cool hose reels to splash around with ten to one. They get very upset when their motor driven hose reel wants to sleep all day long.

How to Grow Watermelon – Hose Reels Guide
Imagine the most mouth watering watermelon you ever tasted in your life. Then stop to honor the lowly hose holder that watered your prize melon. Growing a prize watermelon is a bit like pig farming. I worked on a pig farm once and we had crummy water hose reels. The pigs didn’t care much… The minute those pigs saw the hose holder, they came running to cool off on a
hot day.
OK, so a baby watermelon doesn’t come running when it sees a motor driven hose reel, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings too.

Prize Watermelons – Hose Holder Tips
OK, it’s been two weeks and your watermelons already sprouted up and are ready to spread their vines among your hose reels…your cute little melons are THIRSTY!… Most experts agree watermelons grown with a motor driven hose reel are disease resistant and hose reel color is a concern of theirs. So choose gaily painted hose holders, hose reels and motor driven hose reels to grow prize winning melons.

Hose Reels – Color Recommendations
Red hose reel turns out a feisty melon
Brown hose holder a sensitive, but dull melon
Orange motor driven hose reel – great seeds to spit
Yellow hose reel – gives a tummy ache
Blue hose holder – artist, writer or musician
Green hose reel – greedy, selfish melon
Black motor driven hose reel – generous, good dancer

Your average watermelon weighs in at about 20 – 30 pounds or so. Feed the same watermelon with a designer hose holder and it may reach fifty pounds! Odd shaped hose reels lead to weird shaped watermelons… Bush Baby watermelons raised around motor driven hose reels and are very hardy melons. If you have a short growing season, plant seedlings indoors near hose reels in little containers or pots. Your trusty hose reel can moisten the peat pots to reduce transplant shock.

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Hope you enjoyed this light look at watermelon growing – stay tuned for Zuchini!


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