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Enlarging Your Bosoms With Surgery – An Overview

Enlarging Your Bosoms With Surgery – An Overview

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One of the more popular plastic surgery procedures involves breast enlargements. Let us take a closer look at the type of procedures available.

Enlargements are often thought to be the most popular form of plastic surgery. In truth, it is the third most popular procedure and covers more option than most people consider at first blush.

The procedure is technically known as augmentation mammaplasty. It involves the placement of an implant into both breasts for the purpose of enlarging and shaping the breasts. The earliest form of this procedure was undertaken in the 1860s in Germany with fatty tissue from the body used to perform the enhancement. As time passed, silicone implants became the implant of choice, leading to one of the most contentious debates in medical science. Ultimately, the silicone implants were banned in 1992 by the Federal Drug Administration. Improved design and further medical research has led to the reintroduction of some silicone implants and the FDA is considering approving further models.

There are several techniques used in enhancements and you should discuss the best option with your plastic physician. Nonetheless, the options are sub-glandular where the implant is placed in the body of the breast, sub-muscular for small chested individuals where the implant is placed below the musculature, and sub-fascial where the implant is placed between the muscle and outer fascial. The specific procedure is dependent upon the pre-existing conditions each person has.

A second issue that you need to keep in mind is the type of incursion technique. Specifically, where will the surgeon create an incursion in the body to put the implants? The axillary approach involves creating an incision in the arm pit and bringing the implant in from the side. Peri-Areolar involves an incision around the lower half of the nipple, in a semi-circle format. The Infra-mammary approach involves an actual incision into the lower flesh area. The incursion technique should be discussed carefully with your surgeon, particularly as it pertains to scarring issues. Incisions result in scars, and even tiny ones have to be taken into account.

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The decision to have enlargement surgery necessarily involves a lot of choices. Make sure to fully discuss the options, risks and benefits with your physician to determine if the surgery is appropriate for you and the best option to get a result you are happy with in the future.


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